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The Esoteric Tradition of Ezra Pound in “Canto I”

         The emergence of modernity marked an urge to break with the conventions of the “old world.” Traditional systems of thought and literary composition were suddenly challenged by the emergence of new models, and movements such as Futurism advocated the … Continue reading

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The Coming Spiritual Revolution: Esoteric Organizations as Agents of Change

There is much talk of “change” these days.  Whether it’s Barrack Obama’s famous presidential campaign slogan, calls for radical socio-political and economic upheavals on behalf of environmental activists, or increasingly popular internet rumors about impending global doom, the world seems … Continue reading

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Nietzsche: Prophet of the New Age

          It is an indisputable fact that the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche have exerted a powerful influence on modern thought. What is more controversial, however, is the exact nature or purpose of his philosophical message. There is a considerable amount … Continue reading

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Carl Jung’s ‘Red Book:’ Science or Revelation?

  Carl Jung has entered the canons of history as one of the founding figures of modern psychology. One aspect of his career which is often overlooked, though, is his development of theories which contributed to the resurgence of mysticism as a driving force … Continue reading

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